Don’t want any comments on YouTube videos? turn off like this

YouTube is a popular video sharing platform. Most people spend a lot of their time on it. Apart from watching the videos of the creators, people can also like them. Also, you can comment on the videos. This is generally good for the creators. Many people use wrong words and abuses through comments. However, YouTube also allows its users to turn off comments.

This means that if you do not want anyone to comment on your YouTube videos, then you can turn it off. Users can do this for all videos and for a single video. Here its complete process is explained. Come, let’s know.

YouTube वीडियो पर कमेंट को ऐसे करें ऑफ

For your information, let us tell you that comments are closed by default for two types of channels in YouTube. Comments are turned off by default on channels made for kids. There is no option to enable them.

In addition, comments are turned off for videos marked as private. However, if you need comments on your video and you don’t want people to see it, unlist it. This means it won’t show up in feed or through YouTube’s search engine.

You can turn off comments on your YouTube videos in the following ways.

Turn off like this

First log in with your account. After this, click on the profile icon coming on the right side.
Now select YouTube Studio from the drop down menu.
After this, click on the setting option given in the menu coming on the left side.
Click on Community here. Then click on the Deafult tab.

Now you will get the section of Comment on your Youtube Video.
Here there will be an option of Allow all comments, Hold potentially inappropriate comments for review, Hold all comments for review and Disable comments.
You can select any option according to you.
Keep in mind that these options are only available for the browser version of YouTube Studio. They cannot be used on Android or iPhone apps.

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