How to add UPI ID on Paytm, know the easy way here

If you want to add Paytm UPI ID, but do not understand how to do it, then this news will be useful for you. We are going to tell you how to add UPI ID below. Paytm is one of the leading payment apps in the country. From online payment to money transfer can be done through this application. Also, banking facility is also available on the platform. However, to use such services one has to add Upi id. If you are also a first time user of Paytm, but do not understand how to add UPI ID to the app, then there is no need to worry. Here we are going to tell you the easy way to add UPI ID in Paytm.

What is UPI ID

Before telling the process, let us tell you that UPI ID is a means through which you can receive or transfer money. Through this only transactions up to Rs 2 lakh can be done. The UPI service was launched by NPCI in the year 2016.

How to add UPI ID in Paytm

1. Open the Paytm app on your mobile phone.
2. Tap on the profile icon on the top-left corner.
3. Scroll down and click on the ‘UPI & Payment’ setting option.
4. Then scroll down and tap on the ‘Manage UPI ID’ option.
5. Here you will get the option to add UPI ID, click on it.
6. In this way you can add UPI ID on Paytm.

Matter of work

For your information, let us tell you that the primary UPI ID provides the facility to hide the phone number. The advantage of this will be that your number will remain hidden and no one will be able to misuse your number.

Paytm pin feature

Paytm released the PIN feature for its users in June. With the introduction of this feature, users will now be able to pin those contacts to whom they mostly make UPI payments. The company believes that this feature will be very useful for the users and making payments will be faster than before. This will also save the time of users and they will not have to search for contacts.

Paytm UPI Lite details

Paytm launched the Paytm UPI Lite service in India earlier this year. People can do small transactions under this service without entering the PIN. For this they only have to make one click.

During the company service launch, it was said that this service has been rolled out especially for Indian users. This will give a boost to digital payments in the country.

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