How to set up Emergency SOS on Android phone? Learn step by step process

Like the iPhone, Android smartphones also have the facility to set emergency contact numbers. According to the use, you can select the mobile number of a friend or family member for Emergency SOS. Emergency SOS feature is available in Android smartphones. Emergency SOS can be used by pressing the phone’s power button a few times. This feature allows you to call a contact in an emergency without unlocking the phone. Whether you are in an accidental accident, house robbery or stuck in an unknown location. To avoid such a situation, the emergency feature comes in handy.

You can set the numbers of your friends or family members as emergency contacts as per your convenience. Don’t worry if you don’t know the process. Here we are going to tell you the complete method. Come, let’s know.

Set your friend’s number on Emergency SOS like this

To activate the Emergency SOS feature, you need to have at least one emergency contact saved on your phone.

For this, first open the Settings app on your smartphone.
Now scroll down and come down. Then click on the Safety & emergency option.
You can also find it in the Advanced Settings menu.
Now click on emergency contacts. Then click on Add Contact.
After this select a number from your contact list.
After adding contacts, you are ready to turn on Emergency SOS features.

Emergency SOS has two features enabled by default and both are activated when SOS is triggered. The first sounds a loud alarm and the second calls emergency services. Features like car accident detection and location sharing have to be activated separately.

How to turn on the Emergency SOS feature

Go to the settings of the phone. Now click on the option of Safety & Emergency.
Click on the Emergency SOS option coming here.
Now click on the toggle appearing in front of Use Emergency SOS.
This service will be turned on as soon as you do this.

This is where you will find all the features available with the service like calling contacts, sharing location. You can enable them accordingly by clicking on the toggle given in front of them.

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