How to sign in for Instagram Threads, know the complete way to use

You must have an Instagram account to use the Twitter-like app Threads. Its user interface is very simple. Here’s how to download, sign in and use the app. Meta has launched Threads, a new social media platform like Twitter. It is available for both Android and iOS devices. You can also use it on the web. This app looks a lot like Twitter. Its primary feed is also similar to Twitter. Even on this users will be able to post with character limit.

Not only this, like Twitter users are getting the option to repost the post here too. Using this app and logging in is very easy. Today we are going to tell you the complete way to download and log in this article. Come, let’s know.

Instagram Threads hit 2 million downloads

Meta’s CEO posted on the threads that the app had received 2 million sign ups within the first two hours of its launch. This app can prove to be a big problem for Twitter. Twitter has slowly made many of its services paid. In such a situation, the launch of this app of Meta can increase more problems for it.

Must have an Instagram account to sign up

Using Threads is very easy. The user interface of the app is very clean. You must have an Instagram account to use it. This is because threads must be signed in with Instagram login credentials.

Your Instagram username will be ported once you launch your account. However, you can create a customized profile. Meta notes that users under the age of 18 in the US are getting a default private profile.

While signing in, users get the option to keep their profile private and public. Follow the steps given below to sign up.

Sign in like this

First of all, download the app by visiting Android users Google Play Store and iPhone users Apple App Store.
Your Instagram username will appear as soon as the app is installed and opened.
After this, log in by continuing. Then the profile section will come. Here you will get the option to add name, bio and link.

You can add a bio and link, or import everything from Instagram by clicking Import From Instagram.
Next will be the section on privacy. From here you will be able to select whether you want to keep your profile private or public.
Apart from this, you will also get the option to follow all the people whom you follow on Instagram. You can follow them or even skip this option.
After following all these steps, you will log in to threads and you will see the home page of the app.

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