Know these 5 secret features of WhatsApp, know how to activate

The popularity of WhatsApp is not hidden from anyone. It is used by people of all age groups, from teenagers to the elderly. There are many features in the simple user interface of the messaging app, which give different benefits. Today we are going to tell about some similar features of WhatsApp and how to use them.

Dark and Light mode of whatsapp

It is very easy to use dark and light mode inside the messaging app. For this, go to the settings of WhatsApp and there users will have to go inside chats, after that there is an option of dark, light and system at the top of the theme, which users can choose according to their needs.

Easy to change font size

Within the settings of WhatsApp, the option to change the font is available in the chat option itself. It has the option of small, media and large font.

Easy to change notification sound

Information about new messages coming in WhatsApp is received through a notification sound. Users can change that notification sound if they want. Also, you can control the volume level of the notification count.

Data saver also available

The option of data saver is present inside the storage and data option present inside the settings of WhatsApp. In this, users will also get the option to save data during WhatsApp calling.

It is easy to change the language of WhatsApp

There is also an option to change the language of WhatsApp inside the messaging app. For this, the option of App language will be found inside the settings, click on it and you can choose your language.

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