Your friend has blocked your mobile number? find out like this

If you feel that someone has blocked your mobile number on your phone, then you can find out in many ways. Read below for details. Along with social media platforms, nowadays block feature is also available in most Android smartphones and iPhones. If a number is bothering you with repeated messages or calls, you can block it. Apart from this, due to many reasons, people block many people from their contact list. You can also ask the person directly why they blocked you. However, sometimes it happens that you do not even know whether he has blocked you or not.

If you feel that someone has blocked your mobile number on his phone, but you are not sure then do not worry. This article explains how you can find out who has blocked you.

Can be detected in several ways

For your information, let us tell you that when someone blocks your number, you do not get any notification for it. However, you can find out whether your number is blocked or not in a few ways.

Find out by calling

You can call that mobile number to find out whether he has blocked you or not. When you place a call after being blocked, you will hear only one ring before going to voicemail and the phone will be disconnected or will not ring. Whereas, on putting a normal phone, you hear the full ring. If the call gets disconnected after one ring or does not ring and says busy, then understand that he has blocked you.

This way is also good

Waiting by sending a voicemail is also a good approach. If you are blocked, the recipient will not receive the notification and will not be able to respond to it. If you do not get any call or text message within a few days, then understand that he has blocked your mobile number.

Find out by different number or message

Also, text message or call from any other number. Messages you send from your blocked number do not appear on the recipient’s phone. Even if it is delivered. Recipients can see the message only after unblocking you. For this reason, message from any other number and if there is a reply on it, then understand that your number is in the block list.

Contact on social media

If you’ve tried to contact the person who blocked you and haven’t gotten a response, your last resort is to contact them on social media.

Blocking a phone number does not mean that it is also blocked on social media. For this reason, you can contact him on social media and ask whether he has actually blocked your mobile number.


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